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What is ShoutCast?

SHOUTcast is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software, developed by Nullsoft allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio "stations". SHOUTcast Radio is a related website which provides a directory of SHOUTcast stations. Software design The SHOUTcast software uses a client–server model, with each component communicating via a network protocol that intermingles audio or video data with metadata such as song titles and the station name. It uses HTTP as a transport protocol. Although multicast was planned, it was never developed. The output format is supported by multiple clients, including Nullsoft's own Winamp, and Amarok, Exaile, foobar2000, iTunes, Songbird, Totem, XMMS, and Zinf. If the client does not support the SHOUTcast protocol, then the SHOUTcast server sends the stream without the metadata thus allowing it to be heard/viewed in clients like Windows Media Player. SHOUTcast servers are usually linked to by means of playlist files, which are small text files (usually with extensions .pls or .m3u) that contain the URL of the SHOUTcast server. SHOUTcast directory and website A feature of SHOUTcast servers is the ability to optionally publish server information, including the current number of listeners, in a directory of stations that AOL maintains on the SHOUTcast website. Site visitors can pick a station to listen to and download a playlist file for use in their own SHOUTcast-capable media player. As of 2011, up to 900,000 concurrent listeners can be seen during peak hours, according to SHOUTcast's self-reported statistics. The maximum and minimum number of listeners fluctuates widely during a day, with roughly three times the number of listeners during peak hours compared to low use times. As of July 2011, SHOUTcast Radio includes over 45,000 stations. uses ShoutCast servers to serve your streams as well as it's own streams. We have been hosting our own audio streams via Shoutcast for several years now. ShoutCast truly is the way to go for your media delivery over the internet.

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