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Why Port 80 Streaming and why does it help me reach more listeners?

One question that has been often asked is why does provide a streaming service over port 80...... To answer this, I need to explain what port 80 is. Port 80 is the pipeline, if you will, that users use to browse the internet. all HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) traffic goes through your router/firewall via port 80. Similarly, HTTPS traffic uses Port 443, Remote PC uses port usually use 3378, MySql server uses port 3307 and so on. Shoutcast is set up to use a port somewhere around 8000 to 9000. In order for your listeners to listen to your content on your Shoutcast or Icecast server you would set up your player to show something like; . The ":8000" represents port 8000, and tells your router/firewall that you need to access via port 8000. Now here is why streaming over port 80 is a huge benefit.... Most office/school firewalls are set up to block all firewall traffic except HTTP (port80) and HTTPS (port443). If port80 and port443 are the only pipelines open for you to access the internet, then you will not be able to listen on port 8000 (where your audio streams from). Office/school users going to your website will reach your site, but will not hear your audio content. offers streaming over port 80. For $3.00 extra per month on Vaststream you can have a dedicated IP address attached to your shoutcast/icecast server. We then route your audio through your dedicated IP address, so instead of having your listeners go to; , you will have them go to; . Both addresses i have shared are both going to the same server and you will hear the same audio. By changing your player to reflect the new IP address, listeners will be routed through port80 and gaining access to the audio, past office/school routers. The only way for an office router to block the audio is by blocking your entire website or the ip address itself. Port 80 streaming = more office and school listeners.

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